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Peppermint Crisp Fridge Tart...baie lekker!

So you all know by now my love for English chocolate! and the huge supply my sister brought over for us before Christmas is nearly all gone...sad times! but one of my favourite chocolate bars of all time is actually South African.  When I visited family in South Africa last year, a whole bag full of Peppermint Crisps greeted me on my arrival! and I even got to try a Peppermint Crisp cupcake while I was there at one of their amazing cupcakeries! 

Well my South African mom knows of my love for peppermint crisps and so along with all the English chocolate that was sent over for us she also included 2 beloved Peppermint Crisps that she got from a South African shop in Shropshire where she lives.  If I'd had my way they would have been devoured the minute they came out of my sisters suitcase, but my South African husband requested that I use them to bake up a delicious Peppermint Crisp Fridge Tart! 

I've used Peppermint Crisps a few times in my previous baking.  Back in my early days of blogging I used them along with another South African food, Romany Creams, to make Romany Minty Choc Dessert and for my minty birthday dessert bar I used them to garnish the top of my mini mint cupcakes but why did I wait so long to make this amazing dessert! It was full of caramel, minty and coconutty goodness - how can you go wrong! 

First step is to crush up some 'Tennis biscuits' to form your bottom layer.  Tennis biscuits are another South African delicacy and whilst it would have been quite easy to pick up a pack of them at a South African shop had I been making this recipe back in the U.K, there are definitely no S.A stockists like that on this island! so I went to the supermarket hoping to find a suitable replacement.  The only biscuits I could find that had coconut in were chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies - the coconut variety! They're not ideal but they worked well all the same! 

Then you whip up your 'Orley Whip' another South African product.  You can substitute it with Cool Whip if you live in the States or double cream if you're a Brit.  You beat in your dulche de leche and get this amazing looking tastiness in your bowl! 

Then you add my favourite part: those little green crystal like gems of Peppermint Crisp and mix them in.

After that you're ready to begin the layering process.  Add a layer of caramel mixture on top of your biscuits, and then repeat with another biscuit layer and finish with a caramel layer.  

Not forgetting that all important sprinkling of Peppermint Crisp on the top just to finish it all off! The hard part is leaving it in the fridge for 4 hours afterwards to set, we did some serious clock watching in those four hours let me tell you! 

If you are wanting to make this dessert, and believe me you should! and you are in the UK but not fortunate enough to live close to a South African shop (where are you living?! those shops are everywhere!) then you can buy them online cheaply here and you can even get the Tennis biscuits on that site too if you want to make it the true South African way! 

This is the blog that helped me make the wishes of my husband come true! It's a great blog with lots of South African recipes on there, you should definitely check it out. 

Peppermint Crisp Fridge Tart:
Serves 8
From Cook Sister

250ml Orley Whip, whipped
2 packets of Tennis biscuits (although you will probably use less)
375g caramelised condensed milk
20ml caster sugar
3 Peppermint Crisp bars, crushed
3-4 drops of peppermint extract (more, if you like)

Whip the Orley Whip and then add the caramelised condensed milk caster sugar and peppermint essence.  Beat until well mixed and then stir in 2/3 of the crushed Peppermint Crisp.
Place a layer of whole tennis biscuits in a buttered 29x19x5cm dish.  Spoon 1/3 of the caramel mix over the biscuits and spread evenly.  Continue in layers, finishing with a layer of filling on top.
Refrigerate for at least 4 hours.  Decorate by sprinkling the remainder of crushed peppermint crisp on top.  Cut into squares and serve.


  1. This looks and sounds incredible...

  2. Hmmm tasty. I think tennis biscuits is such a random name - maybe that is what Tanys is named after!! I might call my kid Oreo!
    Will have to have a skype date soon! xxx

  3. Happy New Year!! We would like to be friends with you! Follow us on

  4. Looks very festive. I always find it interesting how the same international companies produce such different chocolates.
    I've given you an award, please visit my blog for details.

  5. I really like the sound of this fridge cake, but I've never seen caramelised condensed milk in the UK.

    1. You can get it in Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Waitrose...all the big stores - here's a link so you know what you're looking for:
      Happy baking!



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