Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Birthday Dessert Bar!

I have been planning this for a long time now! I have developed 
an obsession with stalking dessert bar blogs and ogling at how 
amazingly talented the people are who create them! So I
decided I wanted to have a go at one myself.  I decided my colour theme would be brown and green and so to go along with that everything was chocolate or mint or both! I spent the whole of 
last week baking in preparation, so I baked one new thing each evening and then froze everything up until the big day!  My sister Mara baked the whoopies since she has been busy developing a whoopie pie range for her company so I figured I'd leave it to the pro! and I left the bunting to my scrapbooking pro sister Mel.  My Mom provided the yummy Root Beer, which our whole family is 
crazy about (and of course it fitted with the brown colour theme!) and everything else on the table was baked by me.
I'll give you a little break down of what we had.....

The Cupcake centre piece, these were my favourite mint oreo cupcakes with an oreo baked into the base of the cupcake.  You can also see one of my brand new cupcake stands that I got for my birthday here (I got a whole lot of cupcake goodies as presents that I will blog about in the next few days!)

These were little sweetie jars filled with coconut M&M's, green apple and juicy pear Jelly Belly's and maltesers.

Next we have the fabulous whoopies, they were chocolate flavoured with a cheesecake filling (tinted green).

After that, we have some brownie pops.  They weren't quite the shape I was hoping for, but it was my first time making them so I guess perfection comes with practice! These brownies were covered in melted mint aero and rolled in green sanding sugar.

These are some mini cupcakes that were made using the same mixture as the Oreo cupcakes you saw earlier, but instead of Oreo frosting I went with a basic vanilla buttercream (tinted green) and topped with a little wedge of peppermint crisp (a chocolate bar only available in South Africa...so thanks to my grandparents-in-law for bringing me some over!!)

Then we have the cake pops.  These were mint chocolate cupcakes that are then crumbled to pieces.   I mixed in some swiss meringue buttercream to the crumbled cake mess, rolled them into balls, after freezing they were dipped in green candy melts and finished off with a mini brown smartie.

And last, but definitely not least (I think these were the fave of the whole dessert bar), are the Oreo balls. These are crushed up Oreos mixed in with some cream cheese, and then after being frozen they are dipped in mint chocolate and finished off with a sprinkling of peppermint crisp.

And here we are, the two birthday girls, about to enjoy the feast before us!

I was pretty pleased with how it all turned out! The family were certainly impressed! I know it doesn't look as perfect or as polished as the ones you see on the dessert bar blogs but for my first time I felt it couldn't have gone better!  It did take a LOT of work though, so I think I'm going to try and enjoy a week free of baking...I feel I've earned it, starting tomorrow though because this evening I have been baking birthday cupcakes to take into work! 


  1. Wowsers and it tasted just as good as it looked. Love how you have added a cool effect onto the photos. Big thumbs up to the great pohotgrapher too! xxx

  2. Wow, everything looks amazing! I really want to try a mint Oreo ball.

  3. Hi!
    Your table looks incredible! I like the concept, it reminds me of the work of Amy Atlas.
    The Oreo balls look and sound delish too, may try these in the future... well done and happy birthday!

    Alexia xx

  4. I absolutely love these desserts! What great ideas! :)


  5. Your table looks really nice! I love Oreo truffles. Everyone is impressed by them and they're the easiest thing to make!

  6. Wow this looks amazing - now I know why you've been so busy :) Everything looks incredible and I love your new cake stand :) xx

  7. Wow, everything looks great! I've always wanted to do a dessert table as well, but I've just never had the occasion to do one. I'm obsessed with Amy's blog, her tables always look amazing! Yours look very professional! At first I wasn't sure if that was your table or an inspiration one you found online! Is your sis starting up a whoopie pie business? I've still never had one. I should try making them sometime... Are you coming to Kelly's cupcake meetup? Should be fun! Maybe if Iron Cupcake starts back up again, we could have a bonus Whoopie Pie round so people could bake them as well. I'd love to try a bunch to see what they're like!

  8. Happy (belated) birthday! Wow this looks absolutely amazing and so professional. Love the theme and what you came up with. I made your oreo cupcakes recently and everyone LOVED it. Will blog about it soon and link back to your post.

  9. Wow!! Now that is my kind of birthday party! Everything looks so delicious :)

  10. Wow it all looks fantastic and utterly delicious. I love the look fo the brownie pops, and the whoopie pies, and the cupcakes...in fact all of it :)
    Love how you chose a colour theme, really looks elegant.

    How did you make your little signs? their gorgeous

  11. Hope you had a great birthday celebration! Your dessert table turned out fabulous! I love everything that you baked up. What a ton of work. Love how you laid everything out. The presentation is beautiful! You do deserve a baking break!! Have a great week!

  12. Well I think it looks amazing and what a talented trio of sisters you are.
    I love the pop cakes, never seen anything like it before.
    Your cupcakes are beautiful.
    Did you freeze the cupcakes, I have wondered how well this works as I am always having to get up at 5am to bake cupcakes for the day of an event.



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