Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Oreo M&M Brownies..yum!

So we bought some mini baking bits m&ms at the weekend from the American shop in Milton Keynes. I was all in favour of turning them into cupcakes but Byron was keener on brownies! so i searched google and found this recipe...with the addition of oreo too how could i pass it by!
The bottom picture is what the original baker who baked them produced: (I think hers were halloween themed). I found it on The ones I baked are the top picture, I used mini oreos and crushed them up pretty small so you can't see pieces in my batter like hers but I added the m&ms into my batter which I don't think she did. We also prefer to eat our brownies warmed up with lashings of ice cream rather than milk like my American predecessor! We added frosting on the top which melts slightly in the microwave too..yummy - I love how you can see the colours in the batter of all the m&ms! (you might have to zoom in on the pic to check this out) These really were some gooood brownies!

Monday, 5 October 2009

5 hours later and all cupcake-d out!

So we had our Stake Enrichment Day on Saturday and each one of us on the Presidency were planning on making dessert for 50 people of course I decided on cupcakes!
At the time 50 cupcakes sounded fairly manageable..however I was sort of forgetting cupcakes can't really be done in advance and decorating requires major effort hence why I stayed up til 2am on friday night and after 5 hours solid of cupcake making I really was all cupcake-d out and definitely ready for bed!!! but I had fun making them too and was pretty pleased with the outcome. Also how awesome is my latest cupcake buy...the four tier revolving cupcake stand! I got it from costco and was super happy with it!

In the end I decided on:
Mint and Choc chip with swirled mint aero chocolate frosting and peppermint buttercream (dyed green).
Rocky Road - a choc brownie cupcake topped with melted dairy milk, marshmallows, broken up maltesers, white buttons and glace cherries.
Lemon meringue - Lemon sponge with a dollop of lemon curd topped with meringue and gold edible stars baked in.
Raspberry and white choc chip with white chocolate buttercream (dyed pink) and a fresh raspberry to finish off.

Here are some pictures of my assembly line production!!:


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