Friday, 14 August 2009

Next time?

As usual have just found out we missed one!! and it was so near to where we were at Candy cakes, it's called Ella's Bakehouse and just opened at the beginning of July..but the cupcakes look delicious! so maybe that's our adventure for next time girls?

12. Primrose Bakery - Tavistock St

Now..this place was tricky to find!!! I'd looked it up on the internet the night before and had a good idea of where it would be..Laur and I tried to find it first thing and we couldn' we gave up, later in the day we decided again even asking some people a couple of streets down where Tavistock St was and they didn't know!!! In the end we turned to Jade's phone for help and 3rd time lucky we found it! Aren't my friends lovely for putting up with me!! My friend Sinead - a fellow cupcake lover - had told me great things about this place so I didn't feel I could miss it being so close!
I liked the cupcake transfer on the window! and definitely liked the look of their triple combo milkshake maker..I will have to try one there one day when I'm not so full up! I wasn't as impressed by their overall cupcake selection...perhaps it was because we'd come later in the afternoon! they also didn't have names on so it was hard deciphering which was which. I asked the guy and he told me one was lime and coconut..that's all I needed to hear! so I bought one (in a box to take home) as I couldn't possibly eat anymore after our crazy day of treats (We also went to cybercandy and I indulged in some root beer too!) and this morning I ate it for breakfast!! healthy I know. The lime flavour of the cupcake was delicious..perhaps it may be a little overbearing for some people but as a lime lover I thought it was great! I was a little disappointed with the icing..I think that let it down, it could have been some really rich creamy coconut buttercream and that would have topped it off just nicely!! All in all it was a tasty cupcake though...and there ended our day of cupcake fun in London!

11. Candy Cakes - Covent Garden Piazza

And so we moved along on our cupcake route to Candy Cakes, I had looked up their website previously and been impressed that not only did they sell cupcakes but shakes too!! Two of my fave things!
We went to the one in the actual Covent Garden Piazza. Their cupcakes are all decorated in crazy bright coloured icing with sweets on top - Laur opted for the raspberry cupcake with a edible sweet bracelet on top and I had a raspberry and apple one with a liquorice allsort on the top. I've got to say we were slightly disappointed that these cakes were actually more like muffins and less like cupcakes. Then we both got mint oreo shakes and these were way disappointing..mine was really thin - not like how a milkshake should be at all! We loved the decor inside, the walls were painted mint green and they had these cute little pink stools to sit on but we expected more from the cakes and shakes!

Cupcake day of fun in London!! 10. Crumbs and Doilies

So ... yesterday was an awesome day! I went to London to meet my friend Laur who's just returned from her travels around South east Asia, and my friend Jade who's just leaving for a year in Singapore!! and while in London what else is there to do but eat cupcakes!! So I was eager to visit Crumbs and Doilies stand in Covent Garden...even more so when the night before I entered the photo of me with all my cupcake birthday goodies in their competition and I found out I'd won I went to the stall to claim my free box of a dozen mini cupcakes!!! How exciting...the cakes were very yummy, and decorated beautifully with all different colour icing and sprinkles and I loved that they were so mini you could just pop them in your mouth...although perhaps that made it easy to not realise how many you were eating!!! but thanks to Crumbs and Doilies for making my 1st visit to them so fun! I hope they can open up a shop soon as I'm sure it would be an awesome one!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Some belated cupcake gifts!

So I've had a couple more cupcake presents recently I thought I'd share! The awesome cupcake candles and cupcake earrings were belated extra birthday presents from my sisters Mel and Mara. My sister Alli got me the hummingbird bakery recipe book which I adore..the recipes inside are soo yummy! I can't wait to go back there and visit again soon! The cupcake placemats and coasters were my bridesmaid gift from Mel and the cupcake bag was a present from my Mom! Don't I have an awesome family.


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