Tuesday, 14 April 2009

1. 'I Love Cupcake' - Centurion and Parkhurst, Johannesburg - South Africa

Wow I was so impressed with this place. We went to their factory shop in Centurion and I tried this chocolate cupcake with mint buttercream icing and i didn't even realise until I was about to eat it that it was sprinkled with peppermint crisp (my very fave choc bar ever..only available in South Africa!) so that was super exciting and wow it was just an amazing cupcake. We went back to their other store in Johannesburg (I am standing in front of it in the top picture) and I'm afraid to say I was boring and went for another mint one, I was tempted by the granadilla but it had poppy seeds in so I became less keen. Lynne had the caramel one and Mom had the chocolate - they are so attractive and so yummy too.


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