Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Mint choc oreo cupcakes..for Iron cupcake!

So a lot of time was spent on these little beauties!! As you know I'd been planning on baking banoffee cupcakes but after making brownie balls I changed my mind and decided chocolate and mint was the way to go! and what I really wanted to do was chocolate and mint oreo but since England is pretty backwards in the selection of oreos they offer I knew I'd have to find an American shop to get me what I needed. However after much ringing around I established none of the American shops even had them in stock..how disappointing! I broadcast my frustrations on facebook and an American friend offered to send me some but since that was on Thursday they wouldn't have arrived in time! I decided to take matters into my own hands..and spent more time than it was probably worth scraping the filling from each little oreo and flavouring it mint and tinting it green! I put these at the bottom of my cases and used my fail safe chocolate oreo recipe which I borrowed from the great red deer and started the baking.

Before all of this I should mention I had already prepared my oreo balls..similar to the brownie bites but in the middle I had crushed oreo mixed with cream cheese and then dipped in mint aero with green sprinkles for decoraton. They were in the freezer setting at this point. All was going smoothly..next the frosting!

These cupcakes usually call for cream cheese frosting so I had planned to flavour it peppermint to match the cupcake (which I had melted a dash of mint aero in too). I decided to double the batch since I had alot of cupcakes to frost..and apparently that didn't really work! I mixed the frosting and butter first and then realised it called for tons of icing sugar..and I ran out! ahh..so I couldn't go and buy any more but my lovely husband offered to wake up at 6am Monday morning to get me some! unfortunately the tesco express he went to didn't have any so I woke up to get to Sainsbury's for 7am to buy some more and then it was a mad rush to whip up a double batch of mint buttercream (I gave up on the cream cheese idea!) and still get to school on time!!

...but one taste and it was all worth it! Here's a cross section so you can see the little oreo biscuit base!


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