Friday, 26 February 2010

Mint Choc Brownie Balls!

I've been following the amazing cake pops and balls that bakerella started for a while now! and I'm ashamed to admit I haven't made any yet..but have definitely been planning on it! I've also been seeing alot of brownie balls too so decided I would get in on the action.

I baked some brownies, well betty crocker did for me. I figured since I was going to be demolishing it later I didn't want to spend ages baking some from scratch! Then I mixed it with about 2 spoonfuls of vanilla frosting..brownie is moist enough on it's own really. I refrigerated them overnight and then this afternoon when I got in from work I melted some mint aero and dipped the balls in that. I decorated with sugar hearts and peppermint shrapnel. I froze them for about an hour.

I couldn't wait to eat them! they were delish! I was a little disappointed with the pool of choc that collected under the brownie balls but otherwise I think they were a success..any tips on how to prevent this?


  1. I love Bakerella and have been meaning to make her cupcake pops for some time but just getting time to bake at all is difficult.
    How about putting them onto cocktail sticks then dunking into the chocolate? then you'd not get the chocolate mass at the bottom where they sat.

  2. I have sooooo already written a post! Blogger is so tempremental! I love, love, love these and wish my screen was like the tv in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I could just reach out and try one. Did they taste as good as they look? Or were they a bit too mcuch? xxxx

  3. No no no not at all they were absolutely have got to try and make some! I was totally just saying to Byron the other day that surely in this day and age they could invent a screen where you could reach out and scoff the things you like the look of! I had been browsing some particularly amazing foodie blogs at the time and was just drooling at the goods on show! x

  4. Ahhh therse looks so amazingly tasty, mint and chocolate always goes so well together. Yum!

  5. I bet they tasted amazing!!

  6. mm, I've seen cake pops. But these brownie pops are amazing!!



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