Thursday, 25 March 2010

A cup(full of cookie)cake!

A few weeks ago I was wondering through the Oracle when out the corner of my eye I spotted these little beauties at Millie's cookies! I thought they resembled cupcakes...despite being cookies, and really wanted to try some! but I didn't have any cash on me and didn't think I could pay on card so I went on my way. A week later we went into Reading for a shop around and I purposely drew out money at the cash point so that on our way back to the car I could pick up one of these, however we spent too long eating taco's and burrito's at The Mission and we had to rush back to the car so as not to get a ticket and I missed out on trying one of these (again!)

So last night we popped in quickly to Reading and the first thing on my mind was trying one of these so imagine my horror when I realised my camera was at home on the table (as I had been snapping some cupcakes I'd baked before going out..will post those later!), which is why you're being subjected to such bad quality pictures from my phone!

The cookie cupcakes as I like to call them or cookie whirls as Millie's call them come in two flavours: chocolate chip or double chocolate chip. Then there are four choices of frosting: raspberry, vanilla, chocolate or toffee.

I went for a double chocolate with vanilla frosting. The cookie was amazing and I really enjoyed it but the frosting could have been better, but I was definitely impressed with these fun little things and would recommend them.


  1. these look cute - how are they so puffed up - they look more like brownies than cookies? do they taste like cookies? We tried the whoopie pies today from Harrods - we were not impressed at all - they are nothing special and apparently everyone is going crazy about them - the sponge is like cardboard and the filling tastes cheap and greasy!

  2. oh my god, im crazy about millie's cookies and always get many of them whenever i visit london/UK and oh, now i craving millie's oatmeal raisin cookies, wow, i'd love to try cup(cookie)cake

  3. I love your cupcakes. Do you organize courses to teach how to make them? I would like to learn . Please email me at if you do
    Im a fan!



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