Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I wanted to make some cupcakes as a Mother's Day present but I didn't just want to make any old cupcakes...they had to be extra special! Initially I was going to make some key lime pie cupcakes since my mom is a huge KLP fan! (and if you like key lime pie go check out the amazing giant key lime pie cupcake that i heart cuppycakes made-it looks delish!) but I decided on lime and coconut in the end and used a recipe for coconut cupcakes from Martha Stewart and the Primrose Bakery's lime and coconut buttercream recipe.

A few days earlier I had seen some amazing cupcake bouquets made by the very talented molly bakes, you should really check them out - they are fantastic! I decided I would try and have a go I ordered some sugarcraft roses which as a rule I would never do. I generally hate anything fondant or sugarcraft, they may add a little something but they taste bad and for me it's just buttercream all the way! This is what they looked like once decorated:

I thought for a while about how you put them in your pot, I decided I would use oasis and florists wire. That really didn't work out so well, the cupcakes were just too heavy for the poor wire! so in the end I just scrunched up lots of tissue and sat the cupcakes on top and tied it all up with cellophane. It didn't really look as good as I imagined it would in my head...but Byron assured me it looked nice and I needed to stop being a perfectionist! I would like to work out a way though that I could raise up the cupcakes so they are different heights.

Here is the finished product!

It was a hit with my mom, here she is about to open it up and devour them!

I know everyone probably thinks they have the best mom in the world, but really I do. I'm afraid I win this hands down and I challenge anyone to find a better mom! My mom is the best letter writer, she writes more letters than anyone I know! When I was at Uni there wasn't a week that went by that I didn't get a note, a letter or a parcel (and of course it goes without saying the envelopes were always beautifully adorned with stickers or polka dots!!). At one point the warden of my halls of residence even asked me if I was sending myself post because I got more than anyone ever had done before! and the mail still keeps coming to this day, I have boxes and boxes filled with all of these cards and notes that I just can't seem to throw away because they show the amount of love my mom has for me! and what's been in the packages? i hear you ask, well you can guarantee it's always been polka dot or cupcake related (my two big loves)!! I owe gratitude to my mom for pretty much all my awesome cupcake belongings!! in fact if you're wondering where I got all those fantastic cupcake wrappers from in the pic at the top of this post it was from my mom!!

So I hope everyone (who lives in the UK!) has spoilt their moms today and told them how much they mean to them..I love you Mom..even more than cupcakes!!!


  1. I love the cupcake flower bouquet - its amazing. such a good idea - i love the green sparkle on the icing! The pictures of you and mum are really nice. I'm just listening to gavin degraws album free - have you heard it - its great. I downloaded it - I'm downloading everything! I've just finished downloading 'new moon' so if you come on saturday we could watch it! xxxx

  2. Wow it looks fab all done up in the cellophane. Sadly it didn't look so grand when I arrived at Lindisfarne. Luckily there was a big mumma left and it was lush, if a little dense, but I think this is what coconut milk does to cupcakes. Tastes lush tho with really tasty icing. I loved the green glitter too! I love mom's face in this pic! xxxx

  3. Mmmm wow these look so good, and to answer your question about the banana and pineapple flavourings, they dont do them here in England I picked them up when I was abroad on holiday in Dubai in a French big supermarket like the equivalent of Wal-mart! So cool! Wish they did flavourings like that over here :(

  4. I'm so glad that you came across my blog, because it brought me to your blog! Those cupcakes with the roses are beautiful, and I bet they taste just as good. What a fun blog! I look forward to returning.



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