Monday, 8 March 2010

Mini moments..

I baked some chocolate cupcakes last week from the primrose bakery book..last time I baked them I used milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate as the recipe called for. I was disappointed they didn't look as chocolate-y as I hoped they would so this time I did it properly and used dark chocolate and they didn't taste as good as last time! you can't win! but I did frost them with my new favourite swiss white chocolate frosting and that made up for it slightly! I adorned with sprinkles and packed up in a box decorated with happy birthday wrapping paper for my Mother in law whose birthday it was.

I then got out some of my leftover mini mint oreo cupcakes from the Iron cupcake challenge that I had a trial to see how it went! and they turned out pretty good, not quite as moist as on the day of baking but good enough. I whipped up some mint oreo frosting and adorned with a choc oreo chip since I didn't have enough time to go oreo truffling again and took these along to a Fireside at church I said I'd provide cupcakes for!

Watch out later in the week for something pretty exciting I'm planning for mother's day (I hope my mom doesn't read this!)


  1. I love all the coloured sprinkles on them - it looks great having a mixed box like that. And the mini oreo ones look yum too! What are you planning for mothers day?? sounds exciting x

  2. I want! I want! The mini ones are sooo cute and decorated so beautifully. The oreo ones look so tasty! xx

  3. Oooh these look great, shame about the chocolate cupcakes you made, guess you cant win between milk and dark hehe, but the swiss white chocolate buttercream sure sounds a winner :) i love swiss meringue buttercream :D.



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