Sunday, 21 March 2010

Choc-chip stuffed cookies

Yesterday afternoon I was in the mood for baking...I of course was thinking of cupcakes but Byron had cookies in mind so I decided to be a good wife and try out some cookies.

I have this awesome book from my mom called 'Big fat cookies' and he picked a recipe which was choc chip stuffed cookies. The recipe called for rolling 2 tablespoons of dough into a disc, placing this on a baking tray and then adding a spoonful of choc chips on top, and finishing off with another disc on top of that - it was almost like a choc chip sandwich. It is worth nothing now, in retrospect, they probably meant 2 level tablespoons of cookie dough. I used far too much which is why my cookies have turned out like monsters, they still tasted good though!

Yesterday was also exciting because we finally got our painting we bought in Thailand framed..nearly 8 months since we got back so it's taken a while and I couldn't wait to hang it up in our new place! I love it! and have decided I defo want to get some cool art from everywhere we go on our travels.


  1. Delish! The tastiest beasts I ever saw. Perhaps even more delish considering we have started our diet and just had the most boring supermarket shop with rice cakes, grapes and carrot sticks....bleu!!! xx

  2. Omg wow these look so good, chocolate heaven by the sounds of it!

  3. Yayyy you've got it up, it looks awesome :)



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