Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Iron Cupcake..a perfect pair

Another great night at Iron Cupcake, I'm so glad the caked crusader brought it to London! and I love seeing people's faces when I tell them I'm going to a cupcake competition!
I definitely thought the taste standard was higher than last time, I didn't find any inedible ones this time at least! and there were one or two I really liked. This rather yummy Toffee Apple cupcake was baked by a professional I think, and it had real apple in the middle which was a yummy surprise (check out the little caterpillar on top of it too below)! I also enjoyed a cookies n cream one filled with melted chocolate, and I have to say I really enjoyed my mint oreo one too! the truffles were delicious and I will definitely be making more of those in the future!

In the end though none of those won though! A chai tea and biscuit (pictured below on the left) entry won first prize, which we obviously didn't try and a strawberry and vanilla cupcake that hadn't stood out to us won second prize.

Here we are with our cupcake sampler for the night, let the tasting begin:

Next month's competition has a fruit theme so I could perhaps make the banoffee I was planning on for this month..although I have a feeling banoffee's could feature alot! so I'll have to get thinking.

I have also been checking out the Iron Cupcake's that happen around the world and none seem as well documented as ours, if you want to see the official write up check out the caked crusader's blog within the next few days.


  1. Your oreo cupcake was awesome - I'm only sad I didn't get to try the truffle on top as my nephew snaffled it and put the whole thing in his mouth!
    thanks for your kind words about my write up - nice to know it's enjoyed and appreciated

  2. Ooooh all the cakes look so good!! So tempting hehe!

  3. Your oreo cupcake should definitely have won - it was delicious. Mint, my favourite! Its a fun night anyway just getting to taste so many different cupcakes. How funny that both the toffee apple and cookies and cream were by Eloise!



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