Thursday, 18 March 2010

Bangor Bound...

This past weekend we took our first trip to Bangor...North Wales for those who don't know. It was rather interesting! It suddenly hit me that when we move there in September I will no longer have London and all it's fantastic cupcakeries on my doorstep! which also means goodbye to Iron Cupcake...sad times!

We went for a nice hike in the hills and got a good view of the still snow capped Snowdon which was pretty fun.
I was rather disappointed though with the town itself...this was the only cupcake I managed to find! I was quite pleased with stumbling upon it in Costa as Rocky Road is a fave of mine, but it wasn't great..more like a muffin with mediocre icing! So Bangor didn't really deliver on the cupcake front...and I'm wondering how I'll manage to spend the next 4 years there!!


  1. orient expresso 364 High street Bangor.home made cupcakes cheesecakes rocky roads and lots more.see u there

  2. You could start a cupcakery there :)
    I had one of those rocky road cupcakes - didn't like it at all and hubby ate the lot (he's my human dustbin!)

  3. So funny. I thought that was Bangor Maine at first! I have been to Bangor and I was thinking is that really Bangor?

  4. There is a really good cupcake shop on the right if you keep walking down the main high street almost at the docks. I forget what it's called.



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