Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Toblerone Mousse: Only 3 Ingredients!

Oh Toblerone - you have won my heart! in any shape or form, but mostly in the largest triangles possible! Do you ever find that you buy the slightly smaller sized bars and it's just not the same! for me it has to be the large bars all the way! 

Considering how much I love Toblerone it hasn't made too many appearances on my blog, and the only reason I can think why is because when we buy one of those large bars it doesn't hang around long enough in our house to be baked into anything! 

So I bought the Toblerone in for this on the day of the dinner party we were serving it at! to try and make sure I was restrained enough to not eat it before it was needed!

Mousse is always something that can strike fear in people, but this mousse is seriously easy - only 3 ingredients and it can be whipped up in less than 15 minutes! and it has Toblerone melted into the mousse and scattered on top - what's not to love! 

In fact it's so easy and quick to make, and the results are SO delicious that it's going to be a dangerous new find around these parts! 

Toblerone Mousse:
Makes 12
Adapted slightly from Phoodie

400g milk chocolate toblerone (you can use dark if you'd prefer)
2 cups double cream, as is
210g white marshmallows
2.5 cups double cream, whipped
250g milk chocolate toblerone, for decoration

Chop the 400g milk chocolate toblerone into chunks and add it to a measuring jug or small microwaveable safe bowl.  Add the cream straight from the carton and add the marshmallows too. 

Microwave on high for three minutes, at thirty second intervals, stirring each thirty seconds to ensure it does not burn.

Once all the ingredients have melted and incorporated together (in your microwave this may take less than three minutes) remove the mixture and give it a good whisk.  Set aside and let it cool.

While cooling, whip the additional cream to soft peaks and chop the additional toblerone. 

Using a spatula fold in the two cups of whipped cream to the toblerone mixture.  Use a whisk at the final stages, and ensure that no lumps of cream remain (there may be small lumps from the nougat in the toblerone and this is fine).  

Refrigerate the half cup of whipped cream leftover until ready to serve.  Divide the toblerone mixture into twelve ramekins and refrigerate for eight hours, or leave overnight to set.

Just before serving, top each mousse with a spoonful of the whipped cream and sprinkle with the toblerone chunks.

Eat and enjoy!  

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  1. Oh YES! I'm with you...... Big bars...... and lots of Toblerone puds. This mousse sounds amazing! Bookmarked!



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