Sunday, 2 October 2011

S'mores Milkshakes! The best brainwave I've had in a while!

You may or may not have noticed that when I get excited about things I reeeeeally get excited about things! This often leads to me using the phrase 'I'm obsessed with' more frequently than most! I'm obsessed with America...I'm pretty sure you've heard that one before, I'm obsessed with polka dots (in a previous office job I had one summer a co-worked nicknamed me spot because every day I happened to wear something polka dot!) and I'm sure it hasn't escaped your attention that I'm obsessed with CUPCAKES!

So it brings me great pleasure to tell you about one of my latest, it's not the colour purple (although that is a valid one!) but it is in fact S'MORES! How I miss those s'mores toasting days back when we lived in the Caribbean! 

Seriously s'mores are amazing! Why we don't have this little gem of an invention this side of the Atlantic is totally beyond me! I've even devoted a whole board on pinterest just to s'mores, how is that possible? is what my husband asked...oh it's possible! There are s'mores layer cakes, pizzas, cookies, whoopies, pops and so the list goes on! but you know what I have never come across anywhere on the internet or pinterest or blogging land?

A s'mores milkshake! and for those who know me well you will know I'm a huge milkshake lover! So when we were taking a beach stroll on an unusually sunny Welsh evening this week I had a brainwave. I have seen the toasted marshmallow milkshake doing the rounds lately, and I was keen on trying it out...but that just sounded a little too boring on it's own and that's when it hit me ...throw some chocolate in, and some graham crackers and surely we are talking s'mores heaven! 

Now if you're the kind of person to be counting calories...back away from this recipe, it's just not for you! if like me, you appreciate the tasty treats in life and throw caution to the wind with the calorie count then please whip some of these up, you can thank me later :) 

S'mores milkshakes 
(Makes 2)

2 cups semi skimmed milk
8 generous scoops vanilla ice cream
18 marshmallows
2 graham crackers (if you're English you could substitute with hobnobs/digestives)
24 squares of dairy milk (approx 180g)

For decoration:
Duff S'mores sprinkles or
Crushed up graham crackers and a marshmallow

Let me say before I start I like my milkshakes thick, in my opinion it's the only way! but if you prefer yours thin maybe leave some of the ice cream above out!

1. Add 1 cup semi skimmed milk and 4 scoops of ice cream into your blender.
2. Add 9 marshmallows, 12 squares of dairy milk and 1 graham cracker
3. Blend everything together
4. Add the other cup of semi skimmed milk, 4 more scoops of ice cream and the remaining graham cracker, 12 squares of dairy milk and 9 marshmallows.
5. Keep blending until everything is completely mixed.
6. Pour into delightful milkshake glasses, and top with S'mores sprinkles, a single marshmallow and a piece of graham cracker.
7. Drink and enjoy! 

I will say that I started out trying to toast my marshmallows, we don't have a garden so I couldn't strike up a bonfire and toasting them on the naked flame of our hob was getting a little bit sketchy so I gave up after a while but for that authentic s'mores taste I do think toasting is the way to go!

I added my chocolate in whole but I think next time I would melt the chocolate first before adding it to give it a richer chocolate taste.

Those two things aside, these were some amazing milkshakes! and accompanied with some homemade meatball hoagies it was certainly the best dinner I've had in a while! 

p.s did you know I brought those milkshake glasses all the way back from the Caribbean?! Out of a set of 6 glasses we only had one casualty which, if you think about how badly your luggage gets thrown around at airports, isn't bad going at all!

I'm sharing this over at Chef in Training for Tuesday Talents.


  1. Yum!! Haha great minds think alike. I've been looking at pictures of s'mores cupcakes all day...


  2. i very rarely make milkshakes but this sounds amazing :D

  3. WOW! these look seriousy good, if you promise to make me one I'll definitely find a way to Bangor soon! xx



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