Monday, 4 October 2010

S'mores Brownies

If you have been reading my other blog at all, you will know that on our 3rd day on the Island after taking out a mobile phone contract we won an iPad! Crazy right! Well I was able to download an awesome Betty Crocker app with hundreds of amazing recipes on and last night we had some friends over for dinner.  As I was browsing through the yummy recipes on offer I stumbled across these S'mores Brownies.  Well they were too good to pass by, and what was more exciting was knowing that I could buy the graham crackers and kraft jet puffed marshmallows down at the store (unlike when I was living in England!) so that is how this little bit of baking came about! 

Unfortunately all my lovely cake stands and scrapbooking papers had to be left behind in the UK... so I was worried about how I could photograph these beauties when I remembered about the amazing landscape we have all around us here so I ventured into our 'front yard' and here's how the pic came out:

Here is the view from above.  They are essentially a layer of brownie, a layer of marshmallows, broken up bits of graham crackers and then the recipe called for bits of Hershey's choc but that is definitely an American ingredient I draw the line at, so I substituted with some milk chocolate chips I had brought from home.

You bake the brownie first.  Then add the marshmallows and broken up graham crackers on top.  Put it under the grill (or broil for the U.S readers!) for 5 minutes, and then as soon as it comes out sprinkle the chocolate over the top so it will melt ever so slightly...perfect! You can find the Betty Crocker recipe I followed here

I had so much fun making these that I am totally envisioning S'mores cupcakes for next time! 


  1. The brownies look and sound delicious and your 'front yard' is stunning!! So tropical and such a cntrast to the rain and grey skys here in the UK

  2. The brownies look yum and love the tropical back drop to the piccy! Wish i had that view when i looked out my window!

  3. Wow the brownies look amazing and so does your front yard! Am so jealous. Hope you are settling in well and having a good time :)



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