Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Iron Cupcake!

Some of the entries from the pro category

Our cupcake sampler for the night!

Enjoying the tasting!!

So at long last we made it to Iron Cupcake! I have been following the challenge avidly via their website since it started last summer and hoping for the day when I might be able to join in! but since I live in Reading and bakers have to be in London by 6pm it's never been an easy option! but I managed to switch my working afternoons around and with alot of rushing around I made it!

My gingerbread couple cupcakes!

I had planned a while ago to make gingerbread cupcakes, I figured there would be alot of red velvet (actually there weren't as it happened!) and chocolate heart themed cakes since the challenge for the month was love so I thought gingerbread would be original! I used cream cheese frosting and then baked little gingerbread people and just before I popped them in the oven I joined their hands together so they were gingerbread couples! I put some pink heart buttons on the girls and blue on the boys using edible glue and voila I stacked them up in my cupcake courier ready to go! Mara was always going to come with me and she made some delicious chocolate oreo cupcakes with cheesecake frosting topped with little chocolate hearts she made and covered in gold lustre dust! and then oreo crumb to finish off! they really were a work of art! Sinead and Pip came too and Sinead baked some hummingbird cupcakes with a yummy marshmallow topping. When we arrived I was impressed at the array of cupcakes on offer and at the presentation..it really was a sight to behold! I was feeling ours were pretty inferior to alot on show..however we moved onto the tasting and actually there were only 1 or 2 cupcakes I had which really tasted nice! so many of the ones that looked the best really didn't taste great at all so I was even more impressed with Mara's cupcakes at this point because they tasted scrummy so I wasn't at all surprised when she was announced the winner of the amateur category!! It was awesome, she won a giant cupcake cookie jar and a bag of cupcake goodies and even a rosette and everything! Here she is with her prize and certificate:

It was an awesome cupcake filled night and I will definitely be wanting to join in again!
Next month's theme is 'a perfect pair' so we'll have to get thinking up some original ideas and see if I can beg Byron to let me enter again!

Here are our entries below...excuse the terrible camera quality..my camera wasn't loving the light (or lack thereof) down at the cuban!

Sinead's marshmallow cupcakes

Gem's 'gingerly in love' cupcakes

Mara's winning oreo cheesecake cupcakes!

You can read the official write up of Iron cupcake here written by the person who runs the event. There are lots of better photos and if you scroll to the bottom of their post you will see what they have written about my gingerbread cupcakes!


  1. Oh wow it looked like such fun - wish I could have been there. For the tasting if nothing else!! Some of them do look very amateur! Its a shame Mara's pic is so blurry! I can't wait to see the professional pic of her!
    Love ya! xxx

  2. Your entries were all wonderful - Tamara's chocolate orea winner was a stunner and we all though your gingerbread couple were adorable!

  3. LOVE the gingerbread couple on top of your cupcakes. I've been meaning to get to Iron Cupcake for some time but my leave has been used up this year on holidays and getting out of work early on a Monday never seems to happen! Glad you had a great time - all the cupcakes look amazing!



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