Sunday, 7 February 2010

My not so mini Banoffee pie!

My mom sent me in the post this week these awesome little heart pastry tins. I was excited to use them and we had some people round for dinner last night and I had planned to make Banoffee Pie as Byron had been wanting some for ages! So I decided I would make individual heart Banoffee's for each guest. However this wasn't so easy in practice! Each time I baked the base in the oven they would just crumble and fall apart and it just wasn't going to happen so after the 4th try I gave in and just made a regular size pie instead. I used this recipe from BBC Good Food website and it was pretty tasty. You may spot that my whipped cream topping isn't looking so 'whippy' and that is cause for once in my life I wasn't loving my KitchenAid too much because it was SO efficient that I put the cream in, turned my back for 2 seconds to wipe down a counter and when I turned back it had already overwhipped so here we have a banoffee pie with more of a clotted cream topping! but it still tasted good and now I know for future that when using a KitchenAid you need to watch your cream closely!


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