Thursday, 18 February 2010

Experimenting with banoffee...

What a busy afternoon of cupcaking it's been! I was considering making a banoffee cupcake for Iron Cupcake seen as how the March theme is 'a perfect pair' and should be a combination of two flavours. I wasn't sure whether there should be toffee in the cake, toffee on top of the cake, toffee in the icing..there were too many options! So I decided to just bake some banana cupcakes and play around with everything here's what happened:

I used a banana cupcake recipe from my gorgeous cakes recipe book. To be honest I wasn't that impressed with it, considering all the mushy goodness of the bananas that went in I was expecting it to be more moist than it was and also a bit more bananary (if that's a word)! so if I decide I do want to make these for Iron cupcake I think I'll try a different recipe. I decided to cut some in half, after being inspired by my Australian Women's Weekly decorating cupcakes book, and fill them with caramel and banana and then top with cream.

These were the 3 I experimented with after that. The one at the front is probably my fave.

This one was filled with caramel, topped with cream and a few banana slices and a dollop of more caramel and then a chocolate dipped banana chip with sprinkles on for decoration.

My fave was filled with a dollop of whipped cream, and then topped with caramel cream cheese frosting, and a chocolate and hobnob coated banana chip for decoration.

This one was filled with caramel and then topped with whipped cream. It wasn't thick enough to pipe. Although I would never choose to have cream replace frosting (since I'm not the biggest cream fan anyway) due to the sweetness of the caramel in the middle of the cupcake this worked quite nicely to balance it out.

I've cut through the middle of them so you can see the difference in fillings.

Once I picked my fave: cream filled with caramel frosting, I decorated my mini ones accordingly to take to a meeting later.

This is my favourite new way of transporting mini cupcakes! You could decorate the top with scrapbooking paper and tie with a giant chiffon bow and they'd make the perfect easter gift!
However you'd need to fill it with regularly iced cupcakes as opposed to the sky high icing I like to do so I transferred them to a new cupcake box my mom sent me in the post this week.

Isn't it cute! I love the way it says yum yum all over it!

So I think after a whole afternoon of baking I'm undecided about the whole banoffee thing and think I might give it some more thought!

but... one thing I did find out is that baking cupcakes accompanied by the Kings of Leon on full blast takes cupcaking to a whole new level!


  1. Mmm Ive made bannoffee cupcakes before theyre so good arent they! Yours look delicious yum yum, great job! And to answer your question about my cupcakes I just use normal red food colouring and it always seems to be ok...I usually have the other problem with it going too red and not pink hehe!

  2. Its no problem Im glad i can help :)
    mines called "supercook" and it comes in liquid form and literally takes like 2 drops to turn it bright bright red! hehe. aw thank you i appreciate it :D

  3. I like your fav one and caramel cream cheese icing tastes just too good to be true! The bananna chips looks lush - I think your onto a winner with that one! xxx

  4. That cupcake with the sliced bananas in between is a great idea! Actually, all of those sounds really good!



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