Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Vancouver Ventures!

Well I realise this is a bit premature but I can't help it because I'm ridunculously excited!! In about 18 Months we'll be moving to Vancouver..just for a year as part of Byron's uni course but still that's a whole year worth of root beer, lucky charms, ihop, taco bell and walmart so you can see why I'm excited!! Not to mention....THE CUPCAKES! I have been busy researching which cupcakeries I will be indulging in whilst I'm there and the prospects are looking pretty tasty!

First up is Tracycakes Bakery Cafe which is in Abbotsford, they have 40 varieties of cupcakes..I'll definitely be first in line for their root beer float cupcake and also death by chocolate: chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, chocolate drizzle, topped with a piece of brownie, enough said - indeed!

Next up is Big City Cupcakes..Canada's fastest growing cupcake company and any cupcakery with giant cupcakes adorning the windows gets my vote!

Finally Coco Cake Cupcakes definitely looks worth the trip! They have really pretty looking cupcakes..unfortunately they don't seem to have a shop but they do sell them at Blim art market once in a while so I'll be checking that out for sure!

All I can say is Roll on Sep 2011!

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  1. You're as bad as me - whenever we book a holiday I check out the cupcake situation nearby! You'll have a lovely time in Canada I'm sure - with lots of cake! And the baking goods you can get there will be FAB!



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