Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sprinkles galore!

I decided I was going to have a little test run for Iron Cupcake! but then I got so carried away with the baking I forgot about my plan altogether and just baked some chocolate cupcakes. I used the recipe from my new Primrose Bakery cookbook. I didn't have any dark chocolate so substituted with milk chocolate and was a bit disappointed that they didn't turn out as dark brown as I'd hoped for! They also didn't rise as well as they should have because having only one kitchenaid mixing bowl meant I whisked up the egg whites by hand and got bored near the end so altogether I wasn't that thrilled with what I'd made! It made quite a big batter so I made these mini ones and decorated them to take into work today. They were a big hit, and I was even going to take some of my big ones to the meal we're going to tonight but Byron asked me not to since he thought they were the best cupcakes I've ever made!! So I must be my own worst critic! I will say I was very impressed with the was chocolate cream cheese - a recipe I found online and it was delicious!

I then went crazy with all my different sprinkles in the cupboard for decoration. Here they are all packed up in my polka dot Emma Bridgewater tin ready to take to School.


  1. mmmm - they look delicious - I love all the coloured sprinkles and the icing looks very professional! Don't see much of a heart theme going on tho! :) I think the recipes are really good in that primrose book - actually could you send me the choc & vanilla cupcake recipe- might use them for mine. thanks!

  2. Hey!!! About time this blog got some action! It was beginning to feel like a a little old lady snowed in in Basingstoke! These look delish! I made some with choc cream cheese icing it is a lush combo - even tho it doesn't sound it. Arne made us choc mousse tonight and decorated it with fresh cream using my icing nozzles - it looked very profesh - defo one for his future venture!
    I need a tin like yours for my baking! xxxx

  3. Oh yeah! She has an awesome scrapping space. I love the use of the walk-in closet. Where are all your blogs? Hello! No baking this weekend??! P.S Check out tiffany's latest blog you might recognise the page on it! xxx



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