Sunday, 20 February 2011

Say it with Coconut cupcakes

A few weeks ago our neighbours dog of 17 years had to be put down.  In the past this wouldn't really have inspired me to do anything, I have never been a dog lover, but since falling crazy in love with our little potcake puppy Sunny over these past few months I sudddenly felt my neighbour's pain! and knew that I had to bake some cupcakes to take over to ease the sadness.

So I threw together some coconut cupcakes with the ingredients I could find in my kitchen and topped them off with some chocolate frosting from the Primrose Bakery cookbook.  

I think they were pretty well received, the whole plate of them were eaten within a matter of minutes.

I also whipped up some coconut and pineapple cupcakes for some other neighbours of ours who had family visiting in from the States and wanted a sweet after dinner treat.

I used the same coconut cupcake recipe and just threw some chopped up pineapple in the bottom of each cupcake liner and topped them with coconut frosting with a little pineapple piece garnish.


  1. OMG your puppy is so cute and I am so sorry to hear about your neighbors dog having to be put down. Nothing like coconut cupcakes to brighten someone's day though - that was very sweet of you:)

  2. The second ones look more delish and fresh and tropical. Yum!
    Can't believe that your a dog lover - ewww!

  3. chocolate & coconut yum! I like the first picture, very creative! The pineapple & coconut ones look so good, like the yellow case too. I'm loving coconut at the moment after some seriously good coconut rice at the thai restaurant :) how did by's photo session go?

  4. These look fab. Love the pineapple and coconut ones.

  5. corrr these look so yummy! The icing decoration is awesome :)

  6. Oh yum, coconut in any form is always a winner for me!
    These look delicious!



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