Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Some mint-spiration!

One of my big loves is dessert bars! I have a few favourite websites that showcase professional dessert bars and also ones submitted by everyday bloggers.  My very favourite one is Half Baked, you definitely need to check it out! It is amazing how creative these people are who do this! If you want to look at an amazing professional dessert bar designer then head over to Amy Atlas.

For a while now I have been wanting to have a go at doing one myself! So for the past month I have been scouring the internet for inspiration and buying far too much in preparation for my birthday in a couple of weeks time when I will finally get to put all my blog surfing into action!  There has been many a fight in my household over whether I need to buy special plates when we have perfectly good ones already, or why I need to order special m&m's from America, or why I need to be buying more cake stands when I own a zillion already...but it all comes down to colour co-ordination! so yes I need new things to tie the whole table together!

I have settled for the combination of chocolate and mint, so the table will be decorated accordingly in the colours of green and brown.  I will be making mint chocolate oreo cupcakes, oreo truffles, mint brownie pops, my sister Mara will be providing the whoopie pies, my sister Mel is going to make the bunting and my mom is providing the Root Beer - accompanied with green straws of course!  I am so excited to see how it turns out!

So I thought I'd give you a little sneaky peek into my 'mint-spiration', I have stolen this phrase from Kate over at Grin and Bake It because it is genius! but all credit goes to her  for thinking up such a witty title!

The delicious looking whoopie pies and polka dot cookies featured above both come from her blog.

The five layered green mint cupcakes are baked by the very talented Liz at Hoosier Homemade.

The amazing brownie pops come from Jonna over at Get off your Butt and BAKE!

The brownie balls are a creation of mine I made a while ago, and the coconut m&m's were imported from the U.S by a seller on ebay who has a rather tasty selection of American delicacies on offer that we can't get over here.  If you fancy all things American like me you should definitely check it out, the prices aren't too bad...and if you love coconut you have simply got to try these m&m's - they are to die for! They will be featuring on the dessert table in some cute little jars I got at a farm shop near where I live, along with some green apple and root beer jelly belly's too!


  1. Hey Gem, i've been looking at table cloths recently and I remembered seeing a green and white one - i'm not sure if it's the right colours but I thought maybe it would fit in with the theme :) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BNWT-DEBENHAMS-Green-Cream-Gingham-Tablecloth-/320543853582?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_Table_Linen&hash=item4aa1e70c0e

  2. love this colour scheme - can't wait to see the real thing, think it will look great!

  3. Such a cool minty idea :) Love all of your choices, finding it difficult to pick a fav. Probably the cookie :) I saw them recently as well and have asked a friend to buy me some mint choc chips from USA so I can try out the recipe.

  4. Mmmmm wow i love mint flavoured things, this certainly looks like great fun to do :) yummm!

  5. I cannot wait - delish!!! It looks yummy! Hmmmmm....

  6. All sounds and looks yum! I picked up some coconut M&M's at Partridges store in London (they do some American goods at HUGE mark ups!) but are good if you're ever looking for bits you really must have!
    They sell root beer in cyber candy (sure you already know but just incase you don't - you can pop in next time you're in London)

  7. yum yum yum! minty goodness!



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