Saturday, 26 June 2010

A more successful cupcake hunt!

I thought I'd catch up on a cupcake hunt I went on a few weeks ago but never got around to blogging!
You may recall our New Year's Day cupcake hunt was less than successful, due to half the cupcakeries we visited being shut! 
We decided we'd give The Cupcake Company (in Kensington) another go this time around, and we're very glad we did!

Excuse the poor quality photos...blogger's worst nightmare - my camera battery died! Here are the cupcakes we sampled, a white chocolate and raspberry one and a banana cupcake with toffee frosting and a rolo on top! 

These were some seriously good cupcakes! Super moist and fresh and just generally delicious.  I would pick cupcakes from somewhere like this any day over Hummingbird's cupcakes that's for sure.  Here is their lovely window display.

After that we headed to Chiswick to pay Outsider Tart a visit.  I was pretty excited about their cupcakes after looking on their website and seeing their amazing flavour selection! However when we arrived, they only had two different cupcakes on offer and neither looked anything special and I think it was just chocolate or vanilla so that was slightly disappointing.  I didn't feel tempted at all to try one, but I was definitely tempted by their other delicious looking treats so all was not lost!

They had 3 different types of brownie/blondie on offer:

So we took one of the triple chocolate brownies, one whoopie pie (chocolate with nutella filling) and a lemon bar to sample.

The brownie was very rich and I would have enjoyed it a little more if it had been accompanied by some ice cream I think! but the whoopie pie was yummy and the lemon bar was amazing! I think this was our fave treat we picked up, it had a crunchy top and delicious homemade lemon curd inside and left you wanting more! 

So whilst I wasn't blown away by their cupcakes, I would certainly recommend paying them a visit for the other delicacies on offer.....and for their amazing selection of imported products from America! This was an added bonus, I had no idea they sold root beer, lucky charms etc... so you can imagine my excitement when I found this giant bottle of root beer! 

I took one for the team and carried it around all day long! it was pretty heavy, but definitely worth it! 
Later on in the day we went to Portobello Market and found this amazing bookshop! If you're into cooking/baking you defo need to check it out...I could have stayed there for hours browsing all the amazing recipe books!

We also made sure we checked out Snog, a new frozen yoghurt place in Covent Garden.  It was quite cool (no pun intended!) inside and our raspberry and brownie frozen yoghurt as the perfect way to end our weekend full of treats!


  1. This all looks amazing!!!!!! Ill have to make sure I check out those London gems when im next up! xxxx

  2. Wow! What an indulgent day! The other treats look lush especially the brownie - but it is pretty chunky man! The lemon thingie sounds more my thing! I went to Charley's cupcakerie in Harrogate today (no camera I am afraid!!) and she had a good selection. I went for the strawberry pavlova but wish I had gone for the toffee. The cake itself was veyr moist but the icing was super sweet and sugary and I didn't love it! x

  3. mmmm what a delicious trip!

  4. yumm! that brownie looks amazing!

  5. Wow that sounds like a delicious day, I have always wanted to try a whoopie pie.
    I shall be off for goodies to Outside tart talk about double whammy of goodness, this it shall cost me a tidy penny though.

  6. Wow what a great day out and about in London. Thanks for the heads up about the American stuff sold by Outsider Tart. I'm always on the lookout for things like this. That frozen yoghurt sounds yummy!



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