Saturday, 26 June 2010

Queenie's Cupcakery, IronBridge- Shropshire

So I went home last weekend for a big family celebration for mine and my sister's birthday and what did we do to celebrate?...well we went to a new Cupcakery of course!

Queenie's has been opened since the end of 2009.  My mom alerted me to it's opening and she checked it out quite early on and gave me a very good report all about it so ever since I've wanted to try and visit it but usually when I go home to visit family we are so busy packing things in we have never had the time.  Ironbridge is about a 40 minute drive from where my parents live so we set out on a nice sunny Saturday for some cupcake fun.  Even without Queenie's, Ironbridge is a lovely quaint little village - famous for it's 'Iron Bridge'!

It is in a great location just opposite the river, and if you're lucky enough you can grab the only table outside and enjoy your cupcake.

Everything about Queenie's is quite classic and a throw back to the old style even down to these wooden cabinets the cupcakes are housed in.

I like the way all the cupcakes are named after Royalty.  The flavours are classic too, you won't find any Oreo's here!

I went for a lemon cupcake, which I wouldn't usually order but as I said they didn't have my usual fave flavour of Oreo, and so it made a refreshing change!  It was a lovely moist zesty cupcake with cream cheese frosting and some sugar on top for a bit of added crunch.  I liked the vintage crockery it was served on.

The cupcakes were good, here we are all enjoying ours! My sister had the coconut one, I felt it was a bit plain by itself - I always like to pair coconut with another flavour.  My other sister went for the red velvet and actually her cupcake was pretty dry but the chocolate cupcake got good reviews all round.

I feel that the decor more than made up for the one slightly dry cupcake we encountered though! The ambience was great and the staff were so friendly and had a little chat with us, and I just felt you could never get that kind of cupcake experience in the London cupcakeries so for that alone I think Queenie's deserves a rating of 10!

I certainly couldn't have thought of a better way to enjoy my birthday! and if you ever happen to find yourself in Shropshire you know where to go for your cupcake fix!

In a couple more posts I'll be at my 100th post! so watch out this week for my special giveaway!

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