Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Iron Cupcake...Not a celebration for me!

The sole pic I managed to take
 before my cupcakes were devoured!

Yesterday morning I awoke with excitement, as I always do when Iron Cupcake is upon us! I had stayed up til 2.30am the night before finishing off my cupcakes and was ready to go 'celebrate' and stuff myself with cupcakes! Then disaster struck...halfway through the day at work I got sent home as I was sick!! This was my worst nightmare...I sent out pleas on facebook to anyone who might be going from Reading direction who would want to take my cupcakes along! I had just spent too much planning, money and effort for them to go to waste! but no-one responded.  I went to bed and set my alarm for 3pm hoping I'd be feeling better by then, as this was when I needed to start catching my train to make it on time!

My alarm went off, and I still felt terrible.  There was just no way I could face London rush hour on the underground when I couldn't even walk to the bathroom! I was so upset, and was still secretly hoping I'd be able to just struggle on and make it but I had to admit to myself I was too ill and would have to just give it a miss.  I let my sister know I wouldn't be able to come, took one sad look at my cupcakes waiting in my cupcake courier and thought about how I would have to be 'binning' them later!!

Then at about 5.30 a cupcake miracle happened!! my prayers had been answered! It is clear to me that God knows the desires of my heart!!  I felt a whole lot better and after quickly checking the train times on the internet I realised I might just make it for the end of cupcake tasting time! So off to London I rushed.  When I got there I was still too unwell to taste any of them :( but I enjoyed looking at the photos of what everyone had made...since when I arrived at 7.30 the platters had well and truly been cleared and there wasn't a cupcake in sight which may explain how my cupcakes disappeared before I'd even laid them out! 

So I apologise for the lack of photos, there was simply not much left to photograph by the time I arrived! except for the few that were still being eaten by my sisters table, and I borrowed some of the table next to us too because they were too cute not to take a picture of! Andrea's beautifully decorated cupcake won the prize for the best decoration, I think it's easy to see why:

She also won the 1st prize for the amateur competition with a pink champagne and strawberry cupcake.  Pictured below are a fun looking mint cupcake and a cute popcorn cupcake!

And this baker used cute little umbrella's as their decoration! I think some of the eaters on my table told me it was an alcoholic cupcake but they thought it was pretty tasty.

There was also a cute looking American cupcake, which appeals to me due to my love of all things American! It had star sprinkles on and an American flag sticking out of the top but unfortunately they were all gone so I couldn't take a picture.  

Watch out later in the week when I will be making my own American themed cupcakes for a Miss America beauty pageant murder mystery party I am attending!

As always check The Caked Crusader's blog within the next few days for a full write up and all the pictures of the entries.


  1. I love the popcorn cupcake - so original! Looking forward to seeing the American themed cupcakes :)

  2. the balloon and the popcorn is genius!

  3. What a downer!!! I would have thought everyone would have been sick of cupcakes by the time you arrived??! I love the idea of the popcorn one - sooo cute! xxx

  4. Gem we saw you arrive and the hordes descend on your cakes before you even unpacked them. I felt the people last night were v.unruly and I've written in my blog my concerns about it. We only just managed to get one of your pretty cakes to have on our table between 6 of us and we loved your popping candy surprise! I'm glad you got to make it there in the end!
    By the way that's my cupcake with the umbrella. It was a margarita one with lots of booze in it - to the point that I felt it was too sweet with the amount of alcohol in there!
    Hopefully next time we'll get a chance to say hi :) Hope you're feeling better!

  5. I'm so sad I didn't get to try your baloon cupcakes. I like the popping candy. I almost did the same thing. I'm glad I decided against it now! There were way too many eaters there and not enough bakers.

    Ayone that liked the popcorn cupcakes. I bought the cases from Bake it Pretty. http://americancupcakeinlondon.blogspot.com/2010/06/popcorn-cupcakes.html

  6. Wonderful effort to rise from your sick bed and come to the event - I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say "thank you"

  7. glad you made it and your cupcakes got to be appreciated - didn't take long for them to disappear! you should definitely have won for originality and effort alone! i loved the rice pudding and peach ones and the popcorn idea was really good too xx

  8. Well done on getting there. That deserves a prize on its own. We managed to get one of your cakes for our table but I didnt get to eat the chocolate which I was quite upset about! Only got a small biteful of your cake and wish I could have more. I thought about popping candy but wasn't sure how it would work. Your idea is genius and very well executed.

  9. Just to let you know I've added a link to your site from my blog. A few people have asked about your balloon decorations.



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