Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Dixie's Cupcakery...a brand spanking new Cupcakery in St.Albans!

This past weekend found me in my old stomping ground of Harpenden for a friend's amazing amazing hen do, which I will blog about in more cupcake detail later in the week!

I was also able to visit an old Uni friend of mine who now lives in St.Albans and fortunately for me, being the great friend she is, she has her finger on the cupcake pulse! and she was ready to alert me of a new opening!

So we headed off to Dixie's Cupcakery which co-incidentally is just across the road from the Tearoom I worked at all through my teen years and where my love of cake truly began!

They had 10 different flavours on offer, there were some pink champagne ones on top of the counter top I missed out of this pic.  That's a pretty good selection for any cupcakery, and it was good to see some more interesting flavours in there like Banoffee and Oreo (my old time favourite)!

So we went for an Oreo, and I was pretty impressed that at £2.50 a cupcake they even included this lovely little housing for my cupcake so it didn't get squashed on the way home - London cupcakeries take note! Their prices were very reasonable with their standard range of cupcakes being only £2.

Let's start with the good points, my cupcake was nice and bouncy as I took it out the container - always a good sign of how fresh and moist a cupcake is! and would you check out that frosting:cupcake ratio...being the frosting lover I am that was a huge plus! and what a frosting it was...creamy and delicious with a great Oreo taste.  It was all going so well for this little cupcake! Until we came to the Oreo at the bottom, which usually I am a huge fan of! It's exactly how I like to bake my Oreo cupcakes but I usually only put a half of the Oreo in the bottom, not the whole one and perhaps my cupcake liners are of a higher quality because the problem was the cupcake liner stuck to the cookie and it was really hard to pull it off.  It even left a little bit of cupcake liner behind stuck to my cookie! and the cookie was super hard at the bottom - again I think if just half the cookie had been put in it would have softened up during baking.

This was, however, a minor complaint because all round I absolutely loved this Oreo cupcake and this cute little Cupcakery.  One of my favourite things about it was the awesome uniforms that the staff wear and the lady who served us was super friendly and told us how all the cupcakes are baked fresh on site in a little kitchen upstairs - now that's what we like to hear!

So for anyone in Hertfordshire be sure to check them out, they're worth the trip and after my bad experience at Yummy Mummy Cupcakes I'd be heading to St.Albans every time for my cupcake fix!


  1. Yum that looks so good! Argh I need to live somewhere where there is many cupcake shops...


  2. 10 flavors on offer is pretty good. I'm seriously bored of only uninspiring flavors being on offer at cupcake places!

  3. hmmm this cake looks amazing :D

  4. Love the cupcake apron/dress, would love to have one!

  5. The uniforms are lovely - I'd really like an apron like that for when I'm baking :)

  6. Hello from Dixie's Cupcakery! Thank you for the lovley blog about us, we love feedback from our customers. Our uniforms were designed and made by Viv Whelan from Project Catwalk - so many people have commented we are considering selling them! Please come back soon and keep up the cupcake blogs!! X



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