Friday, 29 July 2011

Some tasty treats from Outsider Tart

Last week some root beer was called for (for something you will get to see in my next blog post!) and so I could think of no better place than to go and get my fix than at Outsider Tart...because obviously I could buy ridunculous amounts of yummy treats to go with it!

When we got there I was delighted to find sooooo many goodies on display, it cemented the fact that it really is my favourite London bakery.  There had to be at least 5 different brownies on offer alone! This treat caught my eye because of the lucky charms hidden inside...which are a fave of mine! It was a yummy marshmallow krispy treat, and it was huge...just check out the size of it! It certainly wasn't for the faint hearted and I could feel the sugar destroying my teeth as I devoured it, but that's not necessarily a bad thing in my book!

Next up was the Snickers blondie, which was just amazing! Snickers is one of my favourite treats when you turn it into a baked delight and this blondie was packed full with choc, caramel and peanutty goodness!

I finally tried an Outsider Tart cupcake...and it was so good!! As if you couldn't tell by that delicious layer on top it was a lemon meringue, filled with a lovely lemon curd type filling....

and to finish, this was Mara's choice, and I can't exactly remember what they said it was but it was like a mini muffin covered in cinnamon and sugar and it really reminded me of a Churro so I was loving it!

All in all, it was a really good call to spend one of our evenings trekking out to Chiswick High Rd! and the icing on the cupcake was being able to have an ice cold glass of root beer when we got home!


  1. I really, really, really want to go to Outsider Tart...and now I know what I'll be buying!!

  2. YUM all of them look so good! :) especially that snickers one and the cinnamon covered muffin - kind of looks like a donut :)


  3. the snickers blondie looks amazing :D

  4. Wow they all look amazing, definitely worth a trip! I still have 1 can of root beer in my fridge which I'm saving.



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