Saturday, 23 July 2011

An Alice in Wonderland cupcaking party....a success!

So last weekend was one of my best friends hen-do's.  She is a cupcake lover, and her sister who was in charge of organising the hen had asked me if I would do a cupcake class for all of the guests in attendance (25 in total!!).  I had to think about it for a second, remember how badly my last cupcake party went.  However I decided that since this time around all my guests were 25 plus that it might be calmer and go more smoothly! plus I can't say no!

I took the day off work because there was alot of getting ready to do! and whipped up 50 cupcakes, half of the hens favourite Martha Stewart Brownie Recipe and half were vanilla (using the recipe from The Primrose Bakery book).  I also whipped up 8 different kinds of frosting, the three you can see above are rainbow coloured vanilla frosting, oreo cream cheese (which was a definite fave on the day) and chocolate.

I wanted there to be TONS of edible goodies on offer so that everyone had a big variety to choose from. So along with the standard jimmies, sanding sugars and sprinkles I also had marshmallows, shredded coconut, mini Oreos, Peanut Butter Cups, Reece's Pieces, M&M's, Maltesers, Cadbury's Buttons and chocolate chips to name a few! 

I also set up a little fondant area for the more adventurous cupcake creators out there.  I printed out some pictures of Alice in Wonderland style cupcakes I had found online as inspiration...

and I had a giant pack of white fondant along with all my different colour gels so everyone could get mixing, and then I pre bought the black and red because everyone knows those colours can be tricky to make for even the more experienced of us!

Then the guests started to arrive! and the excitement began!! All of us had been made these amazingly cute aprons, and our names had even been embroidered on! 

After a brief demo of how to create perfect frosting swirls, everyone was let loose to create whichever kind of cupcake they wanted to! 

Jade created these four beauties here...I was very impressed! 

and even more impressive was the amount of people getting involved with fondant! 

Rose created this fantastic Cheshire Cat cupcake that she even managed to colour co-ordinate with her outfit! 

At the end of the decorating everyone got a little box to take one cupcake home in, and then everyone chose one cupcake that they were going to get to eat at our afternoon tea.  Here is the tray with all the cupcakes people were going to eat! 

Let's get a close up on all that deliciousness! 

We headed out to the garden to commence all the yumminess! The marquee was decorated out beautifully with handmade polka dot bunting, and some were even in the shape of teapots! Here is the Hen herself (dressed up as Alice).

It was the most fun and definitely most delicious hen party I have ever been to! If you want to find out more about what else we did you can see my full round up here.


  1. Wow must have been so much prep for it. They all did really well - although one gal seems to have gone for the more is more look and it looks like a car crash!!! Most did really well though!
    The marquee looks AMAZING! xx

  2. Fun that looks and sounds so cool!! :) you must have put a ton of time an effort in but it looks like it was worth it! :)


  3. What a great treat to organise for your friend- it must have been such a fun afternoon and a brilliant celebration for the bride to be!

  4. Looks amazing!! Love the multicoloured frosting too!

  5. Your cupcake party looks like so much fun! I'm so impressed with the cupcakes, they look brilliant and it is pure joy to see a picture of one of my cupcakes on the fondant inspiration table, such a nice surprise, you've made my day. X

  6. Wow what a fantastic hen party! Your aprons are SO CUTE!

  7. Wow this sounds like the best hen party ever! I can't believe how much effort you put in. I'm sure everyone had a fantastic time. Your friend is so lucky :)

  8. What a fun hen party! Love the aprons and the colourful cupcakes.



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