Friday, 30 April 2010

Cupcake parties are a no-go

So my lack of blogging does not mean there has been a lack of baking, in fact the opposite - there has been so much baking I had no time to blog! so get ready for a few posts.

I did a cupcake party for my 8 year old cousin. It's something I've thought about before and alot of people have suggested I should do. I did think it would be a nice little earner for when we move to Bangor...but after testing it out I decided I'm not a fan! It was sooo hectic and just such alot of preparation that probably wasn't really appreciated by a load of 8 year olds!

I made 60 cupcakes (half vanilla and half chocolate brownie) and 5 different types of frosting and really the quality of both went un-noticed! they would have been better off with a pack of tesco bought fairy cakes and icing sugar and some smarties etc which would have certainly saved me about 3 days worth of work!

I also should have known better than to leave my assortment of various sprinkles and edible decorations on the table for them to have free reign over because once they finished decorating their cupcakes they started pouring the rest of the sprinkles in their mouths/guzzling everything they could by the handful which completely diminished my supplies!!

So I've learnt my lesson and I won't go there again! unless maybe I set an age restriction, 10 years old or over or something like that - I think I could handle that!

Some of their creations

Their cute cupcake aprons

The cupcake cake

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  1. sorry this didn't go over well! the good intentions and great ideas were there, though! :)



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