Sunday, 15 November 2009

My not so Ghana cupcakes!

How they turned out:

A missionary in our ward came home this week. He had been serving in Ghana and By had signed me up to bake some cakes for his munch n mingle! I had a think and decided some Ghana themed cupcakes would be best! I would try and recreate the colours of the Ghana Flag.
I was pondering it all week and was exciting to actually make them last night. I used the white cupcake recipe from Martha's cupcake book and her fluffy vanilla frosting.

You had to fold alot of whipped egg whites into the mixture and I think that must have been why the cakes were so fluffy and light, I was pretty impressed. The frosting was okay but not really sweet enough for my liking so I added a bit more icing sugar to it. It was all going well, I divided my frosting into 3 and made the green and yellow icing successfully. I had bought milky way stars to add on the top.

Then I tried to make the red frosting..but of course when you add red food colouring to white buttercream what do you! Yes if anyone can enlighten me on how to make red frosting I would be most grateful! I tried in vain adding more and more red colouring until the point where I had quick taste and realised it was now inedible due to me using half a bottle of food colouring!! Unfortunately it was too late at night to think of a plan b so my Ghana cupcakes just became green and yellow cupcakes with stars on!
Oh well..they still tasted good!

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  1. What coloring are you using? You should get your hands on some gel food coloring, it intensively colors a whole batch of frosting with just a few drops!



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