Sunday, 15 November 2009

M 'n' M cupcakes with chocolate frosting

So my mini cupcakes I made for munch and mingle produced a HUGE batter! and we had a fireside tonight so I decided to add some m&ms to the plain vanilla batter and make some different cupcakes!
I used the vanilla frosting recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook and I threw in a bit of melted chocolate to turn the frosting into a light brown colour. I then decided it was time to use my assorted chocolate sprinkles I got at Waitrose ages ago and have never used yet. They turned out quite fun..and they tasted delish!

The m&m's peeking through the batter:

Assorted sprinkles:

All packed up and ready to go! I LOVE my cupcake courier:


  1. Hi Gem,

    These cupcakes look delicious - I love the idea of m&ms in the batter - yum! I have found pretty much the only way to get people to your blog is to go out and comment on other blogs. In particular blogs that don't have the largest readerships (you know like 100s of comments per post) because those blog writers often don't have the time to visit all of the comment writers.

    Hope that helps :)

  2. Hi there, just popped over from Alicia's blog to say hello. I just noticed youve been blogging for the same amount of time as me too :)
    Those top cupcakes look lovely, i love how sky-high the icing is! The Hummingbird bakery is becoming really popular among cupcake bloggers isnt it? are the cupcakes really that amazing?


  3. Hi Gem the sinking m&ms could possibly be fixed by tossing them in flour before adding to the batter. Hope that helps :)



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