Monday, 23 November 2009

Family Fun Baking!

Well I finally did my first big order..and definitely learnt alot! like it took double the amount of time in total to make them all then I originally thought and quoted for, and I didn't really make any profit! If you want snazzy cupcakes then you've got to be prepared to pay alot! and I don't really think people would be wanting to pay the kind of prices I'd have to charge to make a profit so I guess that was the beginning..and end of my fantastic cupcake venture! Thank goodness too for my family who all joined in and helped..we had a good little assembly line going so that made it easier and alot more fun and I didn't really get as stressed out as I usually do when baking!!!

It was for a triple celebration for a lady who works with my Mom. The bottom layer was for her mother's 81st birthday, the middle layer was for her husband's 5oth birthday and the top layers were for their 25th wedding anniversary (hence the hearts) so she was having a big party to celebrate all three occasions and wanted the cupcakes to be the talking point! Here they all are:
Purple buttercream decorated with silver balls:

Lilac buttercream with white fondant hearts and writing icing gel spelling 50:

Purple buttercream with a white fondant heart covered in silver shimmer dust and 3 exploding fondant hearts:

The very top layer of the cake stand was a combo of all 3:

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  1. These look fabulous - I love the purple frosting! Shame to hear its the end of your cupcake venture though - they really do look great, much more artistic than my "slap it on" approach to decorating!



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