Thursday, 12 November 2009

Lets bake some cupcakes!

Soo it had been a while since I'd baked some cupcakes and I decided it was time! I found this amazing looking oreo recipe here at The Red Deer and co-incidentally found out about a friends birthday at church happening around the same time and as she is American I thought Oreo's were more than appropriate!!

I also had just bought a mini cupcake tin from hobbycraft so decided it needed it's first I made a mixture of giant and mini cupcakes.

First: You line each paper case with half of an oreo (the half with the cream filling on)

Check out all that melted chocolate-y goodness!! yum and the fine chopping of the oreos

Adding the frosting and oreos:

I was impressed to find at Tesco 3 kinds of oreos..regular, ones with chocolate stuff and ones covered in white chocolate - so I decorated with all 3! I'm just waiting for England to catch on to mint oreos and then I'd be happy!


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