Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Where next?

I have been salivating for a while now at the crumbs and dollies website. I was doing some research on behalf of my sister Mel who gets married at the end of July. She is quite keen to do the cupcake thing too for the wedding and I came across c&d and was most impressed by their array of colours they can offer in icing and toppings etc, I spent a whole evening on their blog looking at every past order they've done! and they definitely seem to be the company who have impressed me most and I feel their prices are most reasonable too.
So now I am going to make sure that the next time I happen to go into London that a trip will have to be made via c&d to see if the taste lives up to the appearance!
Above are some of my favourite cakes they have created in the past. I wish I had taken a trip in Nov 2008 when Oreo's were their speciality of the month cake!


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