Sunday, 12 July 2009

Oreo Sunday!

So I've been desperate to use my Kitchen Aid ever since I got it but it needed a real special occasion! I decided oreo cupcakes were the best way to christen it! suprisingly though despite having 11 cupcake recipe books now I couldn't find one oreo recipe! so I looked online and found one which included oreos in the batter and the icing which sounded good in my opinion...then i decided to top them off with a mini oreo too!
I was a bit disappointed as despite crushing the oreos down as small as possible for the icing when I tried to pipe them out some of the pieces were too big to get through the icing tip so I had to just slap it on but it still tasted yummy!
The trouble was it made an enormous batter...I baked 24 cupcakes and still had half the batter left over so I've frozen that for a rainy day...but we still have 20 cupcakes left in our fridge...oreo cupcake anyone?


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