Wednesday, 8 July 2009

America is calling..let's care enough to give our very best!

So I'm quoting Grease 2 but it seemed appropriate for what this post is going to be about.

America is calling me more than ever! It is my lifelong dream to live in the USA..California to be precise...San Diego to be exact! for oh so many reasons..the sunshine, the beach, the lovely friendly people who would be our fellow neighbours and church-goers! the root beer, the milkshakes, the 24 hour diners, ihop, taco bell, WAL MART!, scrapbooking supplies and stores a-plenty!, cheesecake factory, nathan's hot dogs....
and of course the cupcakes! When I look up cupcakeries in California they seem to be everywhere and I'm hoping this is a recent thing and that I didn't just miss them when I was on my travels there 4 years ago!

So there are 2 new reasons to add to my list of why I want to move to America...

1. They certainly don't do this in England...
so i couldn't work out how to post videos! go to you tube and type in cupcake parade and you'll see what i'm talking about!

A cupcake parade! I absolutely love it!

2. They certainly don't have these in England...I was just thinking on the way home from work today how a drive thru cupcakery would be absolute genius! so i googled it and of course America has come up with the goods already! Provo Utah to be exact - how i would love to visit!

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  1. America's calling me too - I want to go and live in New York as the first time I set foot there I felt I'd arrived home! It's just the best place in the world :)
    And the cupcakes RULE ;)



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