Tuesday, 28 July 2009

1st attempt at Pavlova

So Sister Eyre was leaving to go back to Utah and I wanted to make her a fun cake, I asked her what her fave flavour was and she said she liked the meringue and berries she'd had at our house a few weeks before so I decided I'd try and make a pavlova.
I was excited to be using my kitchen aid again! so it was all going quite well..but I didn't realise you had to whip it for quite so long so it wasn't quite stiff enough and when i piled it onto the baking sheet to make a nice circular shape it all spread out into more of a rectangle!!! but it actually was better that way as i wanted to write a message with icing! and it still tasted good. At least now i know for next time tho..lots of whipping is required!


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