Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunday afternoon Toll House 'wiches

So we were going to snuggle down and watch Serendipity when Byron decided we needed to have some cookies to eat halfway through! I haven't made cookies for aaaaages..usually its cake or brownies with us so I remembered the nestle toll house chips my American friend Annie had given me and decided some american cookies would go down well. We whipped them up together and I then decided to sandwich mine with some ice cream which was pretty tasty. The photo evidence is above! Another reason to try and convince By Cali is where we need to be...'me: if we lived in America we could have toll house cookies all the time'!!! we also went to the beach yesterday to make the most of the amazing weather, we went to bournemouth first and then to Sandbanks and it was just lovely lying in the sun and playing in the waves..'me: if we lived in cali we could do this every day' hopefully I'm getting through! We topped off our afternoon of beach fun with some cream tea...a scone with jam and cream and a lemon drizzle cake which we shared!


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