Sunday, 31 May 2009

Moms 60th..and my 1st attempt at a triple layer cake!

So I wanted to do something special..and was thinking about cupcakes as my mom loves them - infact I bought her as a present a place on a cupcake making course in macclesfield which I'll be attending with her and my sister Mara and we're sooo excited! it should be great! After much searching I only found 4 courses in the whole country which suprised me considering how big cupcakes are these days, 1 was in bath, 2 in london and then one I booked which was the closest to where my Mom lives in Shropshire and it also looked the is run by a woman who used to be a buyer for the patisserie department at Harrods!!!

So even though my Mom's birthday presents and cards were kind of cupcake themed I decided it needed to be quite impressive to fit the event! so I opted for this triple layer chocolate cake that came from a new recipe book I had just ordered. It was meant to have chocolate icing between every layer but I decided that might be a bit too much so one of the layers I filled with raspberry buttercream which was pretty tasty and then I decorated it with fresh raspberries.

Mara and By helped with the final production of it and by my own mistake I didn't know you had to cut your cakes to make them level! hence why it kind of looks like the leaning tower of pisa! but it still tasted good and hopefully was enjoyed by all! At least I'll hopefully know now for next time what to do!


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