Saturday, 16 May 2009

9. Peyton & Byrne, St.Pancras, London

So as you know I'm always looking to expand on my visits to buying a new car took me back to Harpenden (where I grew up) by I was approaching St. Pancras I just suddenly thought I'm sure they must have a place selling cool cupcakes here and so I was pleased when I was right by discovering Peyton & Byrne. I indulged in a box of 5..all the flavours they had on offer that day intending to share them out with my friends but most of them were on diets so I ended up being able to bring a few home too! The flavours were lemon, raspberry, chocolate, chocolate praline and raspberry and coconut (which was the one i got to taste!) and it was amazing..i definitely approved of the mountains of frosting as that in my opinion is the best bit! They were £2.50 a cake but definitely worth it.


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