Monday, 24 January 2011

London's newest Cupcakery and cupcakes and shakes in Manchester

So I'm happy to bring you all the latest cupcake news back in the U.K, despite being halfway around the world in Turks and Caicos! This news comes via my cupcake correspondents (a.k.a. my sisters!)
My sister Mara picked up a box of 4 cupcakes last week at Selfridge's.  They were originally priced at £10 but had been reduced down to £2.50, bargain!! She told me over skype that they were from 'Sweet Couture'.  I was surprised that I had never come across this cupcake company before because I have at least heard of all the cupcakeries in London, if not tried them all.  So I did a quick bit of googling to discover Sweet Couture had just opened their first cake boutique in Covent Garden, one of my favourite areas of London! 

They opened back in November, and so of course I set Mara on a mission and after enjoying the cupcakes she brought home from Selfridge's she went to their cake boutique in Covent Garden too.

They've gone for the minimalist look inside, and they just have a small cabinet of cupcakes on display.  The report on the actual taste of the cupcakes was a good one, moist with delicious frosting - not too sweet, just the way we like our cupcakes! So if you find yourself in Covent Garden go check them out, and if you fancy going on a cupcake hunt why not check out Ella's Bakehouse and Primrose Bakery which are easily within walking distance.

My other sister Mel was finding herself in Manchester this weekend for a J.L.S concert! (a slightly unwanted anniversary present from her husband!) so how do you make the trip a little more worthwhile? visit a Cupcakery of course!! Mara and her paid Sweet Tooth Cupcakery a visit, how I wish I could have joined them! 

It looked like a really cute kitsch place that sold all kinds of fun cupcake stands.  In my opinion what makes a Cupcakery even better? if you throw milkshakes into the mix too!!

I love these old fashioned glasses!! The flavours of the milkshakes were reported as seriously tasty since Green and Black's chocolate was used, but unfortunately they were lacking in thickness.  That's a serious faux pas for us Jones girls...a milkshake has got to be thick to get our thumbs up! but I still like their idea, they also have some tasty sounding soda floats too.

All of their cupcakes are named after famous people which I thought was a fun touch! Apparently the Willy Wonka is their besteseller: a vanilla cake/chocolate frosting combo.

I have been drooling over that delicious looking 'Prince' cupcake: a chocolate and raspberry combo.
I think they have some interesting flavour combos, and not the same old ones you see all the time.
Mara tried the 'Malcolm Mclaren': a ginger cupcake with white chocolate frosting.

Mel went for the 'Priscilla': vanilla and raspberry cupcake with white chocolate frosting and there were praises all round for the tastiness of their cupcakes, and aren't the little plates so cute too! So if you find yourself in the North West of England and are in need of a cupcake fix look no further! 


  1. We were meant to go to Sweet Couture on Friday, such a coincidence, but we had to go to the new Meateasy (new meat pop up near our house) so shall pop there this weekend!

  2. We went to Sweet Couture last weekend - your sister had a better time than us, our cupcakes ended up in the bin :(



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