Thursday, 13 January 2011

Brownie cookies...when even a sunset stroll on the beach can't cure your blues!

So today was a bad day...a very bad day, let's not repeat it again anytime soon.  There is really only one cure for bad days and that's baking up something delicious to console yourself with! So when I found the recipe that was going to cure my blues, from my hundreds of bookmarked recipes, I stared in horror at the 3 eggs looking back at me from my egg carton because wouldn't you just know it my recipe called for 4! 

I was about to go into major panic mode when I realised rather rationally I could just split the recipe in half...problem solved! I then had another minor panic when I discovered the only baking chocolate left in my fridge was unsweetened chocolate.  In my British naivety I had bought it once upon a time mistaking it for dark chocolate, baked up some cupcakes with it and soon discovered it did not make them taste very nice at all! Unsweetened chocolate for all my UK counterparts is not the same as bittersweet chocolate (my mistake) because it is in fact 100% cocoa solids so it has no sugar or vanilla in it at all to sweeten it up a little.  After a quick bit of googling I found if i just increased the sugar proportions in the recipe all would be well...however I was a little skeptical before they went in the oven at their almost black colour and very dark taste (I hate dark chocolate as a side note!) so I really wasn't expecting great things.  In a last ditch attempt to save them I threw in some chopped up white chunks of chocolate and crossed my fingers and put them in the oven.

I found the brownie cookie recipe here from the My Baking Addiction blog which you need to check out if you've never come across it before, it is awesome! While your at it check out the Snickers Brownies she baked up just the other day too...they have been bookmarked for sure!

Unfortunately my suspicions were confirmed! The cookies tasted far too rich and 'dark' for my liking when they came out the oven! It seemed the extra sugar hadn't really done the trick! By still thoroughly enjoyed them and I was able to eat some mixed together with some vanilla ice cream but I wouldn't really recommend baking my version with unsweetened chocolate unless you are someone who loves DARK chocolate, otherwise stick to the original recipe and make sure you have the correct chocolate to bake them with!


  1. I love dark chocolate so I'd definitely give them a try. Good save with the vanilla ice cream!

  2. Sorry to hear you had a bad day. The cookies look gorgeous, shame they were a bit bitter. You could try dipping them in melted white chocolate to sweeten them up. Hope you have a good weekend

  3. I hate overly bitter chocolate even if it is un-foodie of me, your cookies look great though and nothing is more comforting than a cookie, I hope tomorow is a better day for you. x

  4. Aw gee, I hope that bad day doesn't repeat itself either. These cookies look beautiful, and I'm hope that they comforted you :)

  5. Dark chocolate cookies sounds new to me. I should really try this one. I think I can add some cream cheese frosting on the top to make it yummier.

  6. Dark chocolate cookies! This is great! I should really give it a try. I need to budget this first. LOL. Thanks for the recipe.



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