Sunday, 31 October 2010

S'mores and Oreos...anyone noticing a theme here?!

KitchenAid's and American goodies make me happy!

So my adventures in cupcaking haven't been too adventurous recently! and there's good reason for that! After ants devouring previous cupcake attempts, frosting turning into a melted mess and measurement conversion confusion, Caribbean baking has left me a little despondent! I don't feel comfortable baking in my kitchen the way I used to! so when I was asked by someone to make some kind of portable edible delights to take on a boat trip for the evening I knew it needed to be simple!

It's one thing having frosting melt on the cupcakes I am about to eat in my kitchen, it's a whole other ordeal having them melt out at sea with a mass of hungry people who are waiting on them! So I went with what I know works...what have I made since I've been here S'mores brownies and Oreo cupcakes! 

The ones on the left are ready to be grilled, the ones on the right had just come out from under the grill and then get sprinkled with chocolate chips whilst still warm so they melt a little

I baked a double batch of good old Martha's Brownie cupcake recipe, and topped half of them with marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate chips...and the other half with Oreo frosting and a little bite of Oreo goodness.  I forgot to add what made this process all the more exciting was I finally had a KitchenAid to help me along! The lady I was baking them for has just moved house and found a KitchenAid was one of her new appliances awaiting her! how lucky is she! So she lent it to me...and oh how I miss my KitchenAid - it was so lovely to be reunited just for a day! 

Here are the Oreo ones in all their chocolate-y glory

Of course no baking session is complete without a few little mini's along the way to taste things out! 


  1. They look delicious and I'm envious of your kitchen aid! Love the new header too

  2. yum yum - both of these look amazing! were they a success? xx

  3. My favourite flavours - I've been making a lot of oreo cupcakes recently but they never fail. I dont think I can live without my kitchenaid now!



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