Friday, 8 October 2010

Grason for President!

So our neighbour Grason is running for class president tomorrow down at Provo Primary School, and what better way to get some winning votes than a little cupcake bribery! Grason made the cupcakes and his sister Milah helped him frost them in the turquoise colour of his Primary School colours...however due to the intense heat we endure on this Island the frosting was melting at an alarming rate so we put them in the fridge to set and they actually turned out looking more like glace icing even though it was thick frosting to begin with!

Then I whipped up some of my vanilla bean paste frosting and dyed it red, and we piped some 'G's' on the top, for Grason obviously.  We were pleased with how they turned out and I just hope they survived the heat on the journey to school this morning! I have yet to hear whether he won or not...but hopefully the cupcakes sweetened everyone's opinion just a little! 


  1. He's got my vote! he looks really cute :) Hope he won. I like the red G's.



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