Monday, 12 July 2010

Raspberry fields forever!

Yesterday, because it was ridiculously sunny, and it could well and truly be called a summer's day we went to the PYO...because I can't remember a summer when picking fruit hasn't featured! We were going to pick some strawberries and raspberries, however when we got there we found out they were all out of strawberries so raspberries it had to be! which was great news for me, as in the past few months I have discovered that in fact raspberries now beat strawberries hands down! and they are defo my number one berry! not so good news for Byron who is much more of a strawberry man!

Here we are in full flow...enjoying the fruit picking fun! and in the photo beneath you can see how amazingly blue the sky was!

So what better way to start off our Sunday morning than with some fresh raspberry pancakes! By even added some of them into the batter which made them even more delicious.  I topped mine with some raspberry yoghurt (since we decided it was probably a little too early for ice cream!) and finished off with a sprinkling of the berries themselves.

This evening, I whipped up some meringues following Delia's recipe and mixed a little red food colouring through them before they were baked to make them more fun.

And what better way to finish off our Sunday than with a Sundae!  An eton mess Sundae to be exact...although this is the Braithwaite version...we have it with ice cream instead of cream since I'm not really a cream fan and we have raspberries accompanying our strawberries for double the berry goodness! and we have it in awesome cupcake bowls! 

I loved the swirled effect in the meringue, and the raspberries were so fresh and delicious - this was definitely a happy ending to a very happy weekend!


  1. Serious salivation going on here...We had a Millar mess on Sunday care of Ali and Becky using rasperries and strawberries they had picked at the farm in Horsforth. We are planning on going tomorrow night. Those merengues look so lush and the pancakes delish!xxx

  2. I love your raspberry picking pictures and the meringues look great the way you swirled them. I'd love to try one of those pancakes and the eton mess! Bet its really good with ice cream. a lady came to see me from nielsen massey yesterday- they do so many flavours not just vanilla, so I've asked for lots of samples! they do a mexican vanilla which is spicy and orange, almond, lemon and peppermint extracts!

  3. Wow these look so mouth wateringly delicious! I love raspberries as well although I prefer strawberries. I had an Eton Mess yesterday at a restaurant but would much prefer to have your sundae!

  4. Oh yummm these all look so good, i love raspberries at the moment theyre so tasty!

  5. Raspberry meringues....Yum. That looked delicious xx



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