Sunday, 18 July 2010

Mint Oreo Madness...and why I love America!

So I have fantastic friends! like my friend Nikki who went on a little East Coast trip last week and asked me what I wanted her to bring back for wasn't hard to decide - I asked for mint Oreos and it's what I ask for everytime I get asked that question! They are simply impossible to find here in the UK...occasionally US food websites get them in for a split second and then they go out of stock again, and they are just an absolute fave of mine! One of our traditions in my 2nd year of Uni when I was back in halls was to get together and make Oreo shakes! and one time we were able to make mint Oreo shakes (after another kind American friend had sent me some in the post!) so when Nikki came to visit I knew what we were going to make, to relive our uni days:

Mint Oreo Shakes - Absolutely delish

I forgot how good they had been that long! So I have just one box and a half left and I must use them wisely, I've been browsing through all my mint Oreo recipes that I have been storing up in preparation for when I could get my hands on some of these! so watch out later in the week for more mint Oreo baking! but for now I leave you with a Sundae Sunday:

Layers of chocolate fudge brownie, in between mint ice cream and chocolate ice cream, with crushed up mint oreo in between and hot fudge sauce to finish

I also have a fantastic husband, who allowed me to spend far too much this week ordering these goodies from The Stateside Candy Co which is an amazing website selling the best variety of American groceries, sweets and baking supplies that I have seen...and at the best prices too! So I was ridiculously excited when my box of goodies arrived on Friday, I found these Lucky Charm fakes for half the price of original Lucky Charms and whilst I was dubious about how they would compare I was pleasantly surprised to find they tasted just as good as General Mills' version!  I also bought a few baking bits and bobs that are going to help me make these Peanut Butter Brownies and these S'mores Bars so watch out for some yummy baking coming your way over the next few weeks!


  1. Oooh a bit jealous of your American haul there! Let me know how the smores go - but do try them the origional way first! Those Reese's peanut butter ships are sooo good! I've still got a bag, but I'm saving them - not sure for what yet! Can't wait to see what else you bake!

  2. I love oreos. That mint oreo shake looks delish. I cant wait to go to the states so I can stock up on baking goodies. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

  3. I've just looked at the Stateside Candy Co's website and they're only 20 minutes from where I live...I have to visit :) I'll be able to pick you up some things too when I go to NYC :)

  4. Oh what a load of yummy treats. Those sundae's look gorge. I went to a supposed diner at Flamingo land today and they didn't even have milkshakes!!! Rubbish! Enjoy your oreos!!!
    P.S love the new topper and the bookshelf -! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Look at all those treats! Oh yummmm :)

  6. WOw what a great stash. I wish we could get easier (and more affordable) US stuff here too. Can't wait to see the treats you bake

  7. I love that site, I might have to treat my partner with some goodies from there when I'm away on Guide camp!



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