Friday, 2 April 2010

Fondant is not my friend

I have just arrived back from dropping the cakes off at the church for the wedding this morning. I took my inspiration from the wedding cupcakes featured in Martha Stewart's cupcake book.
I baked 50 vanilla cupcakes (using the Hummingbird's recipe) and frosted them with vanilla (from the Primrose Bakery...just to mix it up a little!) Each fondant heart was imprinted with a letter: either R or N (the initals of the bride and groom). I searched the internet high and low for some stamps to use for this purpose, they weren't easy to come by! Eventually I found these and they seemed to work well.

I frosted them last night and stuck the little fondant hearts in the icing, as I thought it was best to do this whilst the icing was fresh to help them stick. This was where it all went wrong and why fondant is not my friend. This morning I woke up and went to check on the cupcakes and imagine my horror when I found that all the hearts had flopped over!! Disaster, there was of course not time to make a whole new set of hearts since they take so long to try out. I could have cried! So I had a play around with them and tried to prop them up some more with minor success, but lesson learnt I will always add the decorations on the morning so this doesn't happen! I can only assume that the moisture from the buttercream softened them up again.

You can see a floppy one in the background here! I arranged the cupcakes in layers with 2 layers of the bride's initials and 2 layers of the groom's and then I finished off the top layer with cupcakes of both initials (uniting them together!).

So now I'm ready to enjoy the Easter weekend!! I've had a pretty hectic few weeks of baking so am hoping my sister who works for the English Cheesecake company will provide the desserts this time round, and I'll have a little rest!


  1. Aw these are such pretty cupcakes! Lovely!

  2. Well I wish I could get my icing to be as good as this, mine is always too sloppy. You forgot to give me a piping bag too, if I don't win tomorrow it's all your fault!
    Check out the cupcake scrapping -
    I would have entered if I had known sooner! xx

  3. Lovely cupcakes, I hope they went down well at the wedding! I use tylose powder and mix it into fondant which acts as a hardener and means your fondant won't flop again but they still need to be left out to dry for a little while before adding to your cakes.

    Hope that helps for next time!



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