Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Cupcake course this weekend!

I have been awaiting this weekend since May when I booked my Mom, Mara and I places on this cupcake making course! It felt like September was aaaages away and was never going to come but I'm ridunculously excited it's finally here..and it's cupcake time!
The course is at Leah's Pantry just near Macclesfield and it is run by Leah Stevenson who used to work as a confectionary buyer at the Harrod's Food Hall which is a pretty impressive credential in my book! and we will be learning to 'create the ultimate in elegant, witty and exceedingly pretty cupcakes' - sounds good to me! I will of course take plenty of photos and blog about it when I get back! The photos above are taken from her website if you're a cupcake addict like me this is definitely a course worth checking out!


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