Wednesday, 9 September 2009

13. Cupcake Carousel, Bangkok, Thailand

Yes!!!! so I completed my challenge! I actually managed to find cupcakes in Thailand but believe me it wasn't easy!! as it turns out the Thai people aren't a sweet toothed people at all! and even when I found a few bakeries on some of the islands there were still no cupcakes in sight...there weren't even any cupcakes in the starbucks over there!! So I was beginning to give up hope of ever finding any..and then it was the day we flew home and we had all day to kill in Bangkok so we headed into their snazzy shopping district. We went to Siam Paragon which is a very upmarket shopping centre and the basement of it is basically like Selfridge's and they had this huge food court..with everything you can imagine - they even had a pizza in a cone! it was bizzare..anyways I found a donut counter, an ice cream counter, a sweet bread counter..and I was thinking surely if there are cupcakes anywhere there have to be some here and alas there was! So I was pretty pleased when we stumbled across cupcake carousel. I have since checked out their website which claims they are 'the original cupcake bakeshop in Bangkok' which would lead you to believe there are many more...but I didn't see any evidence of this!!

They had a pretty impressive assortment..and each of their cupcakes came with a cute little chocolate disc stuck in the icing with a picture of a cupcake carousel on it! so that was a nice touch...I was being swayed by the oreo one (as it's defo a fave of mine) but in the end I went for the chocolate peppermint one and it was a good choice! The cupcake was really moist and the icing was creamy and really minty - just the way I like it! They worked out at about £1.40 - 80 baht which isn't bad at all! If I'd have opted for coconut it would have been about £1..if it hadn't been our last day with only a few baht left in our pockets I would have definitely purchased more than one! but on top of all the swensens sundaes and root beer floats we'd had that day I think really one was probably enough! An 8/10 for cupcake carousel.


  1. Check out too, I think they have the best redvelvet in Bangkok. :)

  2. The cupcake craze has taken over Bangkok in a big way--there are 4-5 places now! The best is definitely Sparkles bakery on Sukhumvit 53.



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